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As first-time founders, raising venture funding was an intimidating experience for us but that changed the day we met Natty and Ryan. They've always made it feel like they're our partners and friends more than our investors. We are so grateful to be in the Matchstick family.
Melanie Fellay, CEO Spekit
The team at Matchstick has been great to work with from day one. They've always made themselves available to help with challenges big and small with zero judgement. I'm 99% sure they're incredible investors, I'm 100% sure they're incredible people.
Harley Blakeman, CEO Honest Jobs
Natty and Ryan are the type of investor partners you want in your corner as a founder! They are transparent in their approach and always provide honest feedback in any situation. Matchstick has been an incredible resource that has helped our company grow in a meaningful way!
Justin Miller, CEO Showplace
We have lots of investors on our cap table at Ordermark, but Matchstick always seems to be one of the first calls we make when sh%$ is hitting the fan. They always provide great perspective, and offer help in the form of advice, introductions, or referrals to others that can be helpful when they can't be.
Alex Canter, CEO Ordermark
Startups are tough and you need talented people in your corner that are obsessed with your personal and professional success. Matchstick embodies this obsession. They’ve been vital to our success and I can’t recommend them enough.
Paul Allen, Co-founder Ordermark
I've raised early stage capital multiple times, and can say with confidence that Natty and Matchstick are exactly the kind of partner you want as an early stage company.  Supportive when you need it, but without adding overhead.
Jeff Carr, CEO Precog
Natty is my first call when I'm overwhelmed as a founder/CEO. Natty knows how to get at the root of the problem / stress because a former operator & founder he's done it all before.
Max Greenwald, CEO Warmly
Natty and Ryan are the kind of investors you want to work with during a startup's early stages. While business-savvy, they both are ultimately people-first. They support you, believe in you. I've also really appreciated seeing their commitment to backing founders with diverse backgrounds and life experiences.
Jeff Whitlock, CEO PingPong
Matchstick is an investor like no other. Being "founder first" doesn't even begin to describe their dedication to helping founders succeed. They care about building actual relationships with founders, which fosters a sense of mutual trust and support. We know they always have our back.
Jake Disraeli, CEO Treet
From our first call through working side-by-side on our board, Ryan has been the epitome of what I'd describe as a great investor. He's a trusted partner that's always available to help when we need him.
Travis Good, CEO Haekka
Natty and Ryan are two of the most genuine, authentic, and caring people that we've had the chance to work with. Importantly, we've never felt pushed to make certain decisions by Natty - he always focuses on helping us better understand and improve our own thinking.
Drew Marconi, CEO Intelligems
Ryan and Natty are relentless optimists. I can always count on them as a source of energy for our business when we need it most. Reema is lucky to have them on the team.
Justin Ley, CEO Reema
I can say with complete confidence that Natty and Ryan have been the most influential, considerate, diligent, and helpful VCs I have encountered. They have both provided incredible amounts of insight and truly have felt like members of our leadership team, not just investors. These two are the "realest of the real" and it is an honor to be in their portfolio.
Ashmer Aslam, CTO Cured
Natty and Ryan represent a new era in investor-founder relationships. They have solid values, care deeply about their founders and actually put in the hours when the business requires it. Our relationship is honest and human. I look forward to sharing our good news with them and I never worry about sharing bad news with them.
Liz Giorgi, CEO soona
The Matchstick team has rolled up their sleeves and worked to solve problems and brainstorm with us from the beginning. They are accessible and great thought partners!
Jen Henderson, CEO TiLT
Matchstick has been so much more than simply an investor to Base. From the thoughtful, open conversations we had during our discovery process, to the closing process of multiple rounds, and everything in between, we've been so thankful to have them on our side.
Paige McPheely, CEO Base
This is my fourth VC-backed startup, and my investor relationship with Natty is the most helpful and authentic I’ve experienced. I can bring him the real worries, concerns, and struggles of a startup without needing to position or worry. That is a rare and beautiful thing in this world.
Bryan Birsic, CEO Fundboard
I'm never afraid to tell Natty what I'm thinking. When talking to him about a difficult decision, it feels safe to be vulnerable. I don't have to look like I have it all together, which means he can actually help me get closer to a state where I truly do.
Nathan Sobo, CEO Zed
Having a trusted partner that can help us “see around corners” and genuinely cares about us, both as people and entrepreneurs, is incredibly powerful. And the level of trust and confidence they have in us is remarkable, which makes our communication so much more open, honest, impactful and productive.
Ty Coleman, COO Optera
As an entrepreneur, my biggest nightmare is to bring an investor on board whom I'm misaligned with. As an investor, Natty makes sure I can sleep every night. He is a combination between a trusted advisor, a caring friend, and an ambitious partner I can count on to help me see opportunities and move faster
Raul San Narciso, CTO Getro
A thoughtful team player: Ryan has been a great partner to discuss ideas with, no matter how nascent they are. He always provides unfiltered but actionable feedback and makes introductions that greatly benefit the business.
Kobby Amoah, CEO River
Your VC is more than a partner, it’s a marriage that can last years.  Because of that, when I was starting my new company, Natty was one of the first people I reached out to.  As a former founder, he knows what it’s like to be on the other side of the table and that empathy goes a long way. I’d recommend Ryan and Natty to any founder.  They are a high caliber and high integrity firm
Mike Lewis, CEO Onward

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