ALLCITY raises $9.4M Series A led by Mosaic Ventures and Andre Iguodala

ALLCITY recently announced their $9.4M Series A led by Mosaic and Andre Iguodala. We're bringing on fantastic experience, connections and network to many athletes and teams to help in our vision of making it more fun to be a sports fan. Congrats to Brandon, Ryan and the ALLCITY team! We're grateful to be a part of your journey. You can read our intiial investment memo here or the fundraise announcement below.

Natty Zola
Our investment in Freeplay

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Freeplay. Freeplay helps product teams ship better products with LLMs, by giving people the power to prototype faster, test with confidence, and optimize features for customers.

Natty Zola
Warmly raises $11M Series A

Warmly announced an $11 million Series A to keep building on their idea of providing warm leads for sales departments by pushing data about people who are in active buy mode on a website as the time to connect to sales prospects is highly influential in closing a deal. We're excited to welcome Felicis to the team as the lead investors in this round. Congrats to the whole Warmly team!

Natty Zola
5 Questions with Matchstick Ventures from NVNGIA

NVNGIA, one of our key partners out of Wisconsin, recently published an interview with Natty, Ryan and Shannon.

Ryan Broshar
Matchstick Campfire Fall 2023 hosted in Boulder this week

This week we hosted our Matchstick Campfire (founder retreat) in Boulder! We spent an inspiring and connecting 36 hours with our incredible founders. We covered topics to identify areas of improvemens within the company without increasing costs, leadership styles and how to get the most out of our teams, and board member dynamics. Of course we had a great time outside in the beautiful Colorado fall weather and meals where our founders built bonds with each other.

Shannon Shroyer
Launching to help connect founders and investors in Colorado

We're very excited to announce a project to make it easier for startups in Colorado to connect with investors, Startups can now submit a single pitch and reach 15 amazing local investors. Our hope is this platform increases access to capital for startups, and access to great founders for investors. We plan to expand this project to more investors and more geographies. A big shout out to Mat Vogels, a Matchstick founder and currently with Julian Capital for leading this project with us.

Natty Zola
Optera announces $12M Series A

Environmental, social and governance technology startup Optera released that it has closed on a $12 million Series A round led by Next Frontier Capital to grow its enterprise-focused ESG and carbon management platform. Congratulations to the Optera team!

Natty Zola
Leading the "VC Day" activities at the 2023 Denver Startup Week

We're looking forward to Denver Startup Week September 18-22 this year! We're helping organize and lead the "VC Day" activities to help startups succeed at raising capital. We've put together a huge meet and greet for investors and startups along side six panel sessions. Check out the schedule of events available now.

Natty Zola
Fulcrum Announces $18M Series A2 Round of Funding

Congratulations to Fulcrum on the announcement of their Series A2 round of funding!

Ryan Broshar
Natty highlighted on The 23 most important VCs in the Rocky Mountain Region, according to other VCs

We are so proud of our very own Natty Zola for being named one of the most important investors in the Rockies!

Shannon Shroyer
Leading AI events in Boulder: Our AI Builder Meetups are growing!

We loved seeing all the new faces at our AI Boulder meetup! 100s signed up, 80+ attendees! There is a ton of AI happening in Colorado and we're thrilled to host events to help the community make connections. Thanks to all the presenters and attendees. The monthly meetups will continue.

Natty Zola
Be 'a cockroach, not a unicorn': Chicago VCs advise founders how to land a pre-seed round in 2023

During Chicago Tech Week, Ryan Broshar participated in a panel that shared a lot of great tactical advice for founders building a company in the Midwest.

Shannon Shroyer
Matchstick Campfire Summer 2023 hosted in Minnesota this week

This week we hosted our Matchstick Campfire (founder retreat) in Minnesota! It was such an amazing and inspiring 24 hours with our incredible founders. We covered topics to improve negotiations, decision making, personal trajectory, and getting the most from a board. Of course we had a great founder story with the Sports Engine team and dinner at a classic Minnesota lake front supper club.

Shannon Shroyer
Launching the Startup Events and News in Colorado Substack

We have a great startup community but it could use a bit more organization...Each month we’ll send around an email with the following:

Events ← to help connect people

Colorado startup news ← to highlight cool stuff happening

New local startups launching and getting funding ← to build awareness for local companies

Insightful reading ← to help us all grow and be better

Hopefully, this helps bring our community together and allows us to support and help each other on a larger scale.

Natty Zola
Our investment in Tab Commerce

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Tab Commerce. Tab Commerce is an intelligent expense control software designed to maximize restaurant profitability.

Ryan Broshar