Our investment in Base

The first software product developed exclusively for modern executive assistants

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund II has completed an investment in Base. Base is modernizing the way assistants and executives work together by providing tools and technology tailored to the executive work style.


As the owner of an executive assistant staffing company, Base founder Paige McPheely knew her team’s roles could be much more productive and enjoyable were it not for a handful of issues that kept popping up repeatedly. Things like losing hours each day drawing up manual reports and providing updates to executives, technology that was insufficient for the tasks at hand, and competing priorities.

In addition, the proliferation of assistants has continued to grow as people of all professions try to find leverage in their careers. It is becoming more common for non-executives to have a part-time executive assistant to help manage their careers and, more recently, their lives.

Company Specifics

Paige’s determination to create a better solution led to Base; the first software product developed exclusively for modern (read: busier than ever) executive assistants. Base is focused on modernizing the way EAs and executives work together. By providing tools and technology tailored to the executive work style, Base helps executive assistants streamline operations and simplify communications so that they can better support the executives they serve.

The company believes EAs make a huge impact on the success of a business. Now, using the Base software as an integral part of their role, EAs can manage all the information their executives need right at their fingertips. This creates efficiencies for both partners, and allows EAs to free up time to focus on more strategic work. Key software features include a Digest Builder that serves as a high-level daily summary, a Decision Stream that allows execs to make on the fly decisions, and a Dossier—a central repository for important information that can be shared among a support team. The target customers for Base are executive and administrative professionals and indirectly, the executives they support.

We got to know Base’s founder, Paige McPheely, through the High Alpha Studio program in Indianapolis. We’re confident that her industry experience, combined with the impressive team she’s put together, will make for a sound investment opportunity.

Matchstick is the lead investor for this investment, and Ryan will be joining the board. We’re excited to have such a great group of co-investors join us in this round, including High Alpha, Slack Fund and Revolution’s Rise of the Rest. We’re excited to support Base’s mission, which is to empower assistants and high performers and, ultimately, to make it possible for people of all types to leverage an assistant in their lives.

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Ryan Broshar
October 29, 2019