Our investment in Two Boxes

A logistics network dedicated to maximizing the value of returned e-commerce inventory

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Two Boxes. Two Boxes is enabling the first purpose-built logistics network dedicated to maximizing the value of returned e-commerce inventory.

Thanks in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, the growth of e-commerce has greatly accelerated in the United States. This rapid growth has exposed many inefficiencies and issues in the supply chain, particularly when it comes to management of returned goods.

While retailers strive to make returns as easy and free as possible for their end customers, they bear the brunt of lost time, money, and even goods on their end. Many retailers buy new products even as they have perfectly good inventory in their returns channels, and up to 50 percent of returned goods end up in landfills or are otherwise disposed of due to inefficient reverse logistics processes. Logistics providers also struggle to serve retailers with unsophisticated, if any, technology available to improve in-warehouse return operations.

To solve these problems, Two Boxes is developing the best return processing technology for the modern e-commerce supply chain. They are not another RMA provider - in fact they integrate with them - and are focused on enabling merchants and logistics providers to more effectively and quickly process and prioritize returns, while capturing critical insight into the reverse supply chain. With Two Boxes' technology, more warehouses can process returns more effectively, improving back to stock times and eliminating unnecessary emissions.

With our experience in retail technology, we have always believed the returns space is prime for disruption. We met Kyle Bertin and Evan Stalter through an intro from another founder and were instantly drawn to their energy, intellect, deep thinking and hustle.

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Ryan Broshar
January 27, 2022