Our investment in Stylo

AI enabling customer support teams to create a better customer experience

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Stylo. Stylo’s AI enables customer support teams to create a better customer experience. 

Despite their essential purpose, tooling for customer support hasn’t innovated alongside available technology rapidly enough. Companies like ZenDesk and Salesforce have many gaps to fill with their flagship support products. 

As a result, traditional support teams are reliant on manual human input. This leaves support representatives the bottleneck when prioritizing, routing, and escalating requests.

Stylo offers a key solution. With Stylo Scores, support teams can grow without the expensive and time-consuming systems of yesterday’s technological gaps. Proactive alerting, escalation prediction, and automated triage are mission-critical advantages for modern support teams. Allowing them to deliver a support experience that customers have come to expect as the norm. 

Customer support teams are becoming increasingly responsible for product feedback. We see this with the rise of the CCO at the executive round-table. Stylo addresses this critical business feedback loop. Using out-of-the-box NLP, companies can draw these connections with ease. Using the data in every support ticket, Stylo connects the product features in question with customer sentiment. Pinpointing exactly where there the product gaps are that need Engineering attention.

As businesses optimize for GRR and NRR, support becomes not just a “cost center” but also a competitive advantage. Support teams with modern tools serve customers the way they want to be supported. Better retention, greater satisfaction, and even expanding the business’ bottom line. With Stylo, customer support teams become better problem-solvers and partners for customers, and also drive revenue growth for the business.

Stylo’s analytics enables smart routing and prioritization of tickets as they come in. Because it sits on top of existing ticking systems (like ZenDesk and Salesforce), it doesn’t require companies to replace their infrastructure or log in to yet another tool. 

We met the Stylo team through the startup ecosystem in Boulder, and are excited to help them change the future of customer support and success.

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Natty Zola
August 1, 2022