Our investment in Precog

A no-code data connector that gets analytics-ready data to common business intelligence tools

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund II has completed an investment in Precog. Precog is a universal, no-code data connector solution that accelerates the process of getting analytics-ready data from almost any source of record simply and easily to common business intelligence tools.


Every business relies on data in some way or another. From mailing lists and customer details to organically derived information and internal analytics - as a company grows, so does their data. When businesses want to analyze this information, the data must be accessed from many sources of record and standardized, which is an intensive and daunting undertaking to do by hand. The countless APIs that data can be in and the growing number of ways it can be stored makes it difficult to move and process information quickly. 

While APIs are ubiquitous, they still require coding and scripting to access the data. Complex lines of code must be written to match the particular format a data set has been stored in, the destination of the information, and the specific needs of the company. This rigorous, inefficient, and error prone method of processing data can suck up the time of analysts, data scientists, and data engineers for days or even weeks. It also makes it nearly impossible for smaller companies, who may lack the technical staff, to accomplish this at all. Accurately producing analytics-ready data quickly and effectively has been a long standing problem for data-driven companies, and a hassle-free, intuitive solution is needed to take on the exponential growth of data in the 21st century. 

Company Specifics: 

Precog is setting out to change the industry in how companies access their data. Precog puts the power back into the analyst’s hands, letting them curate the data they need without writing any code or relying on a data engineer for back end support. Using AI and a nearly universal library of API connectors, Precog can quickly access, organize, and transform data into easily digestible formats from virtually any data source, all in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. Analysts are then able to link the processed data into their preferred business intelligence program to begin analysis. 

Precog goes a step further by assisting companies in keeping their information up to date. It can be set to periodically or instantly check for new information, updating the data tables it had previously generated and automatically adding the new information into the business intelligence tool that is connected. Not only does Precog save analyst’s and data scientist’s time, its easy to use yet powerful features makes data more accessible to the non-technical user. With a straightforward user interface and universal connection, practically anyone in the organization can prepare data for analysis - and that is what is so powerful about this tool. It enables data engineers to spend significantly less time on the ingestion and formatting side of their job and allows them to focus their energy on the analysis piece of their job.

Built by people who know the business in and out, the founding team has over 50 combined years of experience building solutions in the data market and have a deep technical understanding of the space and current solutions. With a growing customer base and a large pipeline of potential customers, Precog is aptly positioned in the market to grow substantially over the next few years as data collection and analytics become a priority for more companies around the world.  We've known the founders of the company for six years, and they've done multiple startups in the same field and have worked together on prior companies.

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Natty Zola
March 30, 2021