Our investment in Halp

Modernizing ticketing for operations teams

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund II has completed an investment in Halp (halp.com). Halp is a conversational ticketing system for operations teams (HR, IT, finance, ops).


In the last few years, the workplace productivity stack has undergone a massive shift. Conversational tools like Slack have come to replace email as the hub where plans are hatched, work gets done, and gifs are shared. But workplace ticketing systems, crucial to internal and external teams like IT, HR, and customer service for tracking work requests, activity and resolutions, have not kept up. They all remain email-based and force users to toggle between work in different channels and away from more modern and useful productivity applications back into tired and out-dated tools. This reduces agility and productivity for the entire workforce. 

Company Specifics

Halp is bringing ticketing up to speed with the modern workplace by building the world’s first conversational ticketing system. Halp integrates with Slack, enabling teams to automatically generate tickets from their conversations and get them to the right people. By meeting employees where they are, Halp solves problems faster without compromising on accountability.

Halp is already working with hundreds of customers including Adobe, Home Depot, and SeatGeek and has expanded from its starting focus on IT people to include teams like HR, operations, finance and customer support—anyone who needs to seamlessly triage work in Slack. Companies pay $25 or more per seat per month for each team member answering tickets with Halp. 

CEO Fletcher Richman was on our radar even before he guided Halp, called BubbleIQ at the time, through Techstars Boulder in 2018. We had known him a long time and were continually impressed by his dedication to giving back to the Colorado startup community at coworking spaces, angel investing events, and the University of Colorado. Once he ID’ed this crucial opportunity in the ticketing market, we saw a chance to work with an ambitious, proven leader. Fletcher is joined by two other co-founders, Tristan Rubadeau and Komran Rashidov, both strong technical leaders who have been instrumental in building and launching Halp.

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Natty Zola
March 21, 2019