Our investment in Fulfilld

Intelligent location-aware warehouse management orchestration

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Fulfilld. Fulfilld is an intelligent, location-aware, warehouse management orchestration platform. 

Background: With the growth in consumption and e-commerce, as well as demand for rapid delivery, there has also been a growth in the need for optimizing warehouse efficiencies around the world. While Amazon leads the industry in terms of warehouse management with software integration, mobile interfaces for workers, robotics components, and more, their proprietary technology is not available to warehouses not owned and operated by Amazon. 

There are approximately 40,000 such warehouses in just the United States alone, and in order to compete with Amazon, other businesses need to streamline their operations, continue to innovate, and improve their margins. Each could benefit from a platform leveraging integrated software and hardware providing operational core-warehousing management functions. Furthermore with a global shortage of warehouse labor, these innovative-hungry companies can also benefit from technology which not only makes their current workforce more effective but can attract and retain talent by making their jobs better, easier, and operationally more efficient. 

Company Specifics: Fulfilld is building a modern, location-aware, warehouse management orchestration platform revolutionizing core warehouse management operations via Deep Learning/AI, digital-twin/canopy, proactive system-directed task, pub/sub API integration through a bundled software and hardware subscription model. Fulfilld is focused on the mid market enterprise world, warehouse companies with $200M+ in annual revenue. By empowering this market segment with Amazon-like innovation, Fulfilld is bringing a new level of warehousing sophistication to optimize labor, increase worker/warehouse safety, and drive operational excellence. 

Fulfilld creates a digital-canopy of the warehouse that captures real-time location flow of good and people through dual-connectivity 5G/UWB ceiling anchors, patent-pending proprietary Fulfilld scanners and asset-tags for robotics, drones, forklifts, etc. This enables greater warehouse efficiency leveraging system-directed tasks and directions between human and non-human labor. While other warehouse management software is reactive and requires customer-specific warehousing experience/knowledge, Fulfilld simplifies warehousing complexity with intuitive, step-by-step direction via an elegant user experience. 

All of this combines to not only make the warehouse more efficient and therefore profitable but also makes the people who work there happier and more effective. It has also been shown to help with attracting new talent and hiring, with employees more willing to work for an efficient operation that can train them quickly. 

Fulfilld is founded and driven by founders, Yosh Eisbart, Michael Pytel, and Rick Fischer, who are proven Enterprise Software veterans who previously founded, boot-strapped, and successfully sold an internationally recognized and respected Enterprise Software and Services company, NIMBL, which scaled to over 300 employees and $50M in revenue before exiting. During their 10 years building that company, they worked with the same target customer, industries, technologies, and problems. 

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Natty Zola
August 20, 2021