Our investment in Freedev.ai

Building an AI agent platform for software teams that automates many common development tasks

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Freedev.ai. Freedev.ai is building an AI agent platform for software teams that automates many common development tasks, including maintaining code documentation, managing technical debt, identifying and eliminating PII leakage problems, flagging and fixing SLA compliance issues, and resolving code vulnerability issues.

As AI technology grows and becomes more mainstream and useful for a general audience, there has also been a rise in AI agents. AI agents are AI applications that can complete work requests made by humans, computers, or even other AI applications. Only in the last year have we begun to see the potential of these agents to do everything from performing online research, put together presentations, or even plan and book vacations. 

AI agents are already unlocking a new wave of productivity and effectiveness for consumers, and platforms such as Freedev.ai will unlock these new capabilities for businesses and software teams. We are now looking at a very interesting future for us all in leveraging AI agent technology to complete routine work much faster and more efficiently.

Freedev.ai has focused on AI agents for software engineers, with a goal of having these agents autonomously accomplish tasks that workers consider tedious and that they don’t like or want to do themselves. This includes many common development tasks such as updating and maintaining large volumes of legacy source code in a software project to manage and eliminate technical debt. When a software developer desires to automate such a task, they can use the Freedev.ai desktop or mobile web-app, IDE plugin, or make a request in an AI chatroom to ask an agent to accomplish that task. The agent will then go off on its own, running in the background automatically on a schedule specified by the user, connecting to a company’s Git repositories, checking out and updating code, and submitting PRs with code improvements just like a human developer. 

Freedev.ai is model-agnostic and uses a unique approach known as MoE (Mixture-of-experts) that leverages multiple expert LLMs, or large language models, to accomplish complex tasks. This is particularly useful for problems where different or even multiple LLMs might be helpful and allows the agents to work together across platforms. Freedev.ai also emphasizes security, allowing engineers to work in private, containerized VPC spaces or perform self-hosting to provide confidence that their proprietary and confidential information will be secure. 

Current use cases include automating coding tasks including generating and maintaining unit tests, inline documentation, identifying software bugs or PII leakage issues, and source code vulnerability scanning.

FreewayML’s founder, Elliot Turner, has founded two AI startups in the past, and both were successfully acquired. He is a subject matter expert who has worked in the AI space for a long time, and we have tracked his journey as an entrepreneur for over a decade. We are excited to team up with him on his third AI startup.

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Natty Zola
April 3, 2023