Our investment in Delfina

The intelligent pregnancy care platform for healthier moms and babies.

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Delfina. Delfina is an intelligent pregnancy care platform for healthier moms and babies. 

Background: In the United States, while pregnancy outcomes are two to three times worse than other countries, we spend more than any other on the average pregnancy including complications. Healthcare payors, employers, and risk-sharing providers spend $120 billion per year collectively on pregnancies, with two-thirds of that cost going towards potentially preventable complications. 

At the same time, recent advances in medical learning along with developments in physiology have made it possible to better predict outcomes in obstetrics. Following the pandemic, OBGYNs are more willing than ever to make remote care a cornerstone of their practices, and are looking for telehealth services to support early intervention. Insurers, provider groups, and employers have also tried to develop their own in-house solutions for maternity care over the last decade. 

Company Specifics: Delfina is an integrated data platform for prenatal care throughout pregnancy. Using a patient-centered and data-driven approach to improve maternal and child health outcomes, they provide remote patient monitoring and telehealth services to create a world where every mom enjoys a happy and healthy pregnancy. 

For families, their dynamic care management platform continuously assesses risk and provides personalized care plans to take the guesswork out of pregnancy. For care teams and providers, Delfina provides actionable patient insights for timely intervention and early detection.

Delfina is unique in that they plan to work with insurers, provider groups, and employers rather than consumers directly. With a large pregnancy dataset, they can improve performance for multiple stakeholders, not only improving outcomes for mom and child, but also for larger healthcare payors, and pave the way for clinical innovation. 

We were introduced to Senan at Delfina through Springtime Ventures, and formed an immediate connection over our interest in the Twin Cities startup community. After seeing many different ways that companies have tried to tackle this issue, we were impressed with their approach and believe in their long history of work in this industry. The Delfina team is the best of the best, and their experience has shown them what works and what doesn’t in this space.

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Ryan Broshar
March 4, 2022