Our investment in Circus

Real-time employee engagement data that managers can use to get ahead of problems and quiet quitting

Update: Circus has pivoted, learn more here

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in Circus. Circus empowers web3 community builders with the tools and information to build, maintain and grow long lasting communities.

Most web3 companies are built with a community-first approach, and web3 community managers are quickly becoming key for marketing projects and protocols to attract users. For many web3 projects, having an active and engaged community is key for getting off the ground, and in order to succeed they need to continue to excite users and inspire them with their mission. 

Currently, much of this community engagement takes place across traditional social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Discord and others. This presents a challenge for community managers, who would like to better understand their most active users across different platforms, know who is most active, and determine what activities are creating the most success. While their role is critical for the company or project’s success, web3 community managers are currently flying blind without the analytics and data they need to properly grow and manage their communities. 

Circus is building the analytics and engagement tools that community managers are looking for as they lead web3 projects and protocols. By offering a community leaderboard, Circus allows community managers to see who is most active in their community and track interactions and engagements not only on specific platforms, but across all platforms to stitch together what is happening overall. This will give community managers new insights to be effective leaders of their community, advise them on where it is most effective to spend their time, as well as provide benefits to their most active users to encourage engagement. 

This is particularly powerful because community managers are often serving as the marketing leadership for web3 projects and protocols. As these decentralized projects are created, so are the communities around them who begin to evangelize and advocate on their behalf. Often, it is the strength of these communities that determine the strength of the web3 projects and their potential. Circus will be an essential tool for web3 community managers and their community’s long-term livelihood & success. 

We have known Circus’ CEO, Alex Kremer, for a decade through the Boulder entrepreneurship community. Alex and his team are multi-time founders, and after working with them for many years as peers we are excited to back them in this opportunity.

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Natty Zola
March 9, 2022