Our investment in After

A modern, online-first experience to help people plan and pay for the passing of their loved ones

We are excited to announce that Matchstick Ventures Fund III has completed an investment in After. After is a modern, online-first experience to help people plan and pay for the passing of their loved ones.

The funeral services industry is long-outdated, dominated by legacy players who continue to focus on in-person sales experiences and slow processes centered around a funeral home. Yet, in every other industry, the vast majority of consumers are purchasing products and services online. 

Funeral services have also seen changes in trends, with interest in cremations over burials up 70 percent in the last decade. As more people live further away from their aging family members, and more people pass away without loved ones close by, there has also been a rise in demand for preparation for funeral services before death and pre-paying for afterlife costs. These trends have created an opportunity to rethink the end-of-life experience in a modern and digital way. 

After has built an online platform to help families plan and pay for the death of their loved ones, both in immediate situations as well as in advance. Customers can arrange cremation services in minutes from the comfort of their homes and organize details such as death certificates, obituaries, and other services. They accomplish this with a wide network of service providers currently in three states — Arizona, Colorado, and Utah — with plans to expand. 

Beyond managing care after a loved one has passed away, After provides pre-death services including prepaid cremation services as well as insurance to manage costs. After also offers important services for families including online grief support and personal estate settlement. 

After’s platform enables customers to focus on how they want to best honor their loved ones who have passed, and not on the logistics and management of the death process. With After, people planning for their own death can ensure the burden of paying for and planning a funeral doesn’t fall to their loved ones who remain but are taken care of in an elegant and seamless manner. 

We met the founder of After after working with him through Techstars, and are proud to support much-needed innovation in a stagnant industry.

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Natty Zola
May 20, 2022