Nicki Miller


Park City, UT

Nicki is an Army veteran who served as a logistics officer in the Army for six years, Nicki chose to leave active duty service when her daughter, Savannah, was born. During her time in the service, Nicki served in various positions gaining experience in a wide range of logistical operations. From convoy planning and risk analysis to resource and financial planning for a 650-person organization, she managed projects and optimized systems in order to solve real logistics-based problems.

Nicki is responsible for much of our internal operations at Matchstick. She'll keep the trains running on time internally while also working closely with portfolio companies and prospective portfolio companies to ensure we're as organized and responsive as possible.

Nicki and her husband, Ben, have both now transitioned out of the military and live together with their daughter in Park City, UT, where they're enjoying being in the mountains and local for the ski season.

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